Best Places to do your Engagement Session around Jefferson City, Missouri

March 20, 2020
  1. The Jefferson City train station. Complimentary with city sign, historic buildings & brick. You might even catch some trains in the background if you’re there at the right time!

2. Prairie Garden Trust. Just a short drive out of city limits, you’ll find this beautiful area full of natural blooms, cliff overlooks, and gorgeous waters.

3. Runge Nature Center. This site is beautiful all year around! From evergreen trees, to beautiful golden fields, bridges, and beautiful sunsets.

4. Binder Lake Park. Another area that is gorgeous all year around! In the winter, the frozen lake, snow frosted evergreens, or frosty ground will make a great backdrop. In the other seasons, the scenery will still wow you! Woods, open lake, bridges, and lots of fields – open and full of trees.

5. Downtown Jefferson City & Governors Garden. Historic areas and an urban feel always makes for a good backdrop.


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